How the Black Saturday bushfires impacted the MDPC

Most of the bush and much of the club’s facilities were damaged during the Black Saturday bushfires. We lost our shooting shed (and all contents including targets, timers etc), our toilet block, water tank and about 2.5km of fencing. In addition, many of trees around the shooting range and access road were left unsafe due to the fire damage and had to be removed. Luckily the club rooms and contents were untouched.

Since the bushfires, we’ve held regular working parties to clean up, replace fencing and general maintenance required before we can rebuild. We’ve recently been granted permission to start shooting again albeit in rather spartan style thanks to the lack of facilities.

Planning has started to build new a shooting shed, toilets and all the other bits and pieces we need to provide a comfortable environment for shooting.

See the image gallery for some photos of the bushfire damage and recovery.

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