Rapid Fire

25M Rapid Fire Pistol

In 25m Rapid Fire Pistol competitors use semi-automatic pistols in .22 calibre (5.6mm) at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics.  A series (or string) consists of five (5) shots fired, one at each of five target within a limited time.  

Five targets stand next to each other at a 25m distance from the shooter.  When the targets appear, the competitor must raise his/her arm from a 45 degree angle and fire his/her five shots.  If a shot is too late, it will score as a miss.

There are three different time limits: 8 seconds, 6 seconds and 4 seconds for the series.  A stage consists of two series in each time, and a full course of fire comprises two such stages.

  • 2 Series of 5 – Shots in 8 seconds
  • 2 Series of 5 – Shots in 6 seconds
  • 2 Series of 5 – Shots in 4 seconds

This information was taken from the Offical Pistol Australia website and additional information can be found here

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