New Members

New members are encouraged to contact the Club Secretary on 0490 777 302 or to get more information or to make a time to come and inspect our facilities prior to applying for a membership.

Once you have made a visit and decided if our Club is right for you, the next thing to do is complete an Application for Membership.

If you currently hold a “General Category Handgun Licence” and own registered Handguns under your licence, you will be able to participate in organised matches at the Club once your membership has been approved by the Committee and Membership fees have been paid.

You do not need to own your own Pistols to compete at our Club.  The Club has a variety of Pistol suitable for most of the matches we shoot available for members to use. Club pistols are free to use however you must purchase ammunition for use in club pistols from the club.

If you are new to the sport of Pistol Shooting and wish to join the Mountain District Pistol Club, you will be required to complete the following:-

  1. Come and visit the Club
  2. Fill in the Application for Membership
  3. Submit your  Finger Print Form 1A to the Victorian Police
  4. Submit your completed membership applicaton to the Club Committee with your cheque for membership, 2 passport photos and two reference letters from someone who is over 18, and has known you for at least 12 months, (this person must not be related to you).
  5. Your membership will then be accessed by the committee.  You will be notified of the outcome.
  6. Once your membership has been approved you will be required to attend a “Handgun Safety Course” hosted at the Club.
  7. Once you have participated and successfully completed the “Handgun Safety Course” you will then be able to apply for a “Provisional Handgun Licence”.
  8. Upon receiving your Provisional Handgun Licence, you will be free to attend the Club and utilise the Club’s Pistols.  (It is mandatory to participate in at least 6 supervised competitions over the course of 6 months)
  9. Upon completing your mandatory attendances at the Club, the Committee will endorse your application for your “General Category Handgun Licence”.
  10. Your safe will be inspected by the club’s Technical Inspector. Once you own handguns, your safe keeping facilities may also be inspected by Victoria Police from time to time.  Safe Specifications can be found here.
  11. Choose your first firearm and submit your Permit To Acquire a handgun to the Committee, it will be assessed by the Committee and then endorsed.
  12. Your permit to acquire a handgun will be returned (normilly within 28 days).
  13. Enjoy our Club and safe shooting

For further information about joining our Club, please do not hesitate to contact our Club Secretary on 0490 777 302 or


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